As an Open Access publisher we are not able to cover all costs with revenues from sales. At the same time our publishing decisions do not rest on potential commercial success but on scientific relevance. Authors and editors therefore need to contribute financially to each publication project.

The financial contribution consists of a publication charge that on average will be 750.00 €. Students including PhD students receive a discount of 25% on the publication charge. If projects are part of existing series the publication charge will be reduced by 40.00 € as there will be less effort for cover design. Our publication charge includes author support for manuscript preparation, formal quality assurance, artwork production, online deployment, title registration and marketing.

Authors and editors will need to bear the costs of the first print run. The average price per page for b/w production is 1.26 €, in case of coloured pagese the average price per page for simple paper quality comes up to 1.67 € and for fine paper quality 1.78 €. The following examples illustrate our pricing, however actual prices for publication projects may vary for individual reasons.

Publication Charge Printing costs incl. VAT and shipping Total costs for users
Your manuscript consists of 180 pages, ­the publisher's effort to process your manuscript is medium, ­you receive 35 free copies 750.00 € 180 x 1.26 = 227,00 € 977.00 €
Your anthology consists of 450 pages, ­the publisher's effort to process your manuscript is considerably high, ­you receive 35 free copies 1,300.00 € 450 x 1.67 = 751.50 € 2,051.50 €
Your PhD thesis will be part of a series and consists of 250 pages with 10 coloured pages, ­print run will be in fine paper quality, the publisher's effort to process your manuscript is low, ­you receive 35 free copies 516.00 € 250 x 1.78 = 445,00 € 960.00 €