New American Studies Journal: A Forum

The New American Studies Journal: A Forum is a peer-reviewed, open access journal published by Göttingen University Press that provides scholars with an alternative to commercial publishers. Building on the accomplishment of American Studies Journal (ASJ), our new title reflects our intention to provide a forum where different people, with different perspectives and specializations, can come together to discuss matters of cultural and political import. We also plan on opening the journal to different communication formats—such as symposia, recorded talks, and podcasts—that promote dialogue and exchange.

American Studies Journal (ASJ)

The American Studies Journal is a peer-reviewed open-access journal that provides a forum for intellectual debate about all aspects of social, cultural, and political life in the United States of America. It aims to present new and challenging research in the humanities to both academic and non-academic audiences around the world.
Three elements make up the web presence: the American Studies Journal with its offerings of scholarly and methodological content, the ASJ Occasional Papers series as a web space for longer articles that do not fit into the thematically focused issues of the journal, and the American Studies Blog with its topical observations and comments on present-day U.S. society and culture.

Goettingen Journal of International Law (GoJIL)

Founded in 2007, the Goettingen Journal of International Law is an initiative with the primary objective of publishing an e-journal of legal scholarship focusing on International Law. Since then the Göttingen University Press supports the journal with bibliographic and archiving services. The aim of the journal is to foster debate among scholars of the diverse fields within international law, while, at the same time, facilitate contributions to the debate from related disciplines. GoJIL runs an open and ongoing call for papers. In the rigourous review and selection process, the primary criteria are quality of work and significance of the topic for academic discourse. The journal is open to all scholars in the field of international law to submit manuscripts. GoJIL distinguishes itself from other German law journals through its approach to the publication of legal research in International Law. It is the first German International Law journal where the responsibility for the editing and publishing process as a whole is primarily carried by students. It is published exclusively in English. The journal is available online and free of charge, since open access to the results of academic research is essential for the future of legal scholarship. The journal is being published in cooperation with the GoJIL Advisory Board, with the Lehrstuhl für Völkerrecht and with support of the Göttingen University Press.